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Website friendly for people with special needs

The page meets the specifications of the WCAG (2.0) standard for easy accessibility for the disabled (disabled), in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 as listed on the page W3C


To perform any operation you can click on the icon  below right.

1. Increase and decrease the font size

To increase the font size in web page texts, use the option A+
To reduce the font size of web page texts, use the option A-

2. Change the thematic variation via CSS

By changing the thematic variant, graphic elements of the page are removed, and the simplified form of the information remains on the web page.

To change the thematic variation so that a color of your choice prevails, use the option «Change Color - Select Color».

You can also remove all page formats by clicking on «Remove Formatting - On / Off»As well as view all hyperlinks by underlining by clicking on«Hyperlink highlighting - On / Off».

3. Simplified access to pages

Below is the structure of the page, as well as the key in parentheses, which leads you directly to the corresponding hyperlink using the Shift or Alt key (depending on the browser) while the desired key is pressed. This feature allows you to navigate the page, exclusively using the keyboard following the specifications for the shortcut keys depending on the browser you are using and which you can find in detail at the following link:

  • Also supported is the ability to immediately return to the top of the page with the (t) key and the direct transition to the text of the article with the (m) key.